About Us

Since 1966, we at Tax Sheltered Compensation (TSC) have been sharing information and spurring companies and individuals to adequately prepare for retirement. Our ERISA attorneys and team of administrative experts have provided consultation, design, regulatory compliance and administration services to businesses and financial advisers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  Based in Edina, MN, the employee-owned company is one of the largest independent retirement plan administration firms in the Upper Midwest.

We are passionate about serving our clients and are fully committed to preparing them for retirement, advising them along their journeys, and educating them on how they can make the most of their investments. Our client retention rate of 97% is indicative of the high level of satisfaction with our service. Clients count on our quality to protect and serve their retirement plan business.

Today we are using our Retirement Voice to encourage discussion about what is happening now in the financial world and how it will directly affect you and your plan for retirement. We fully believe that this is critical information that individuals, as well as their employers, need to know and take action to be prepared for retirement.

We can no longer expect that the government will take care of our financial retirement needs. In 2007 we developed the TSC 401(k) Health Check™ to help financial advisers, businesses, and their employees truly evaluate whether or not they are saving enough for an adequate retirement.

Our TSC team is here to show you how to make the most of your planning and saving now so that you can enjoy a successful retirement when you are ready. This is our reason for sharing our Retirement Voice with you.

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