TSC Welcomes “The Art of Prospecting”

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This coming Tuesday, join us for THE ART OF PROSPECTING, presented by Steve Kloyda. Steve has a wealth of knowledge about current prospecting in today’s world – so you won’t be hearing tired, old techniques that have been tested and failed.

Date: Tuesday, September 27th

Time: 12 – 1pm, CDT

Skeptics say that prospecting is dead. It’s not. And it never will be. True, the old way of selling is dead and gone forever, but prospecting continues to be the foundation of all successful businesses and salespeople.

During this power packed program you will learn the very same top prospecting strategies that Steve has refined from over 30 years of selling experience. You will:

·        Meet “Hector the Prospector,” and discover why he’s still around.

·        Learn why prospecting is, and always will be, the foundation of success.

·        Identify where your prospects come from and who is your ideal prospect.

·        Determine the most efficient communication tools you can use to enhance your prospecting efforts.

·        Explore the Law of Sowing & Reaping for increased results.

·        Learn the easiest way to track your activity for consistent results.

To register for The Art Of Prospecting, click here:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/387704593

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